Sentrytotem Audits: Come one, come all

Yet another “Quick Note”-esque post.

Sentrytotem is one of the newer community sites that has popped up in MoP, but has received a pretty positive response from the community thus far. I expect it to become a hub for a general multi-class/spec discussion in WoD if it continues in such a fashion.

One of Sentrytotem’s special features is its “audit” system: Players are able to submit armouries and parses of their characters to “Class Experts” for feedback on their performance, outlook, etc. Some classes/specs have multiple Experts, and it’s even possible to specify your preference for the auditor by mentioning it on your ticket.
As you may have guessed from the title of this post, I’ve signed up as a consultant for DPS DKs, and encourage anyone interested in constructive critical feedback to put in for an audit. With a good 6 months of MoP playtime left, now is as good a time as any to to bust out that DK alt- or, better yet, make the sensible choice of mainswitching to one!- and get on track to getting the most of it.

Special shoutout to some close friends who also serve as class experts on the site, especially Mendenbarr, who is also a DPS DK expert- he introduced me to the site in the first place!


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