Interviews: A Quick Note

I’d apologise for the fairly sporadic rate of posting that’s been going on over the past 2 weeks or so, but the majority of you are likely already aware that I’ve had severe computer issues to deal with- not to mention that I guaranteed sporadic posting when I first began this blog!

I did, however, wish to make a note about interviews on this blog, such as the one I posted a few days back. Recall that this blog is strictly for my personal use/analysis, and thus has no particular community role or niche to fill.
That being said, some of the feedback I received in response to the interview made me think that it would prove to be a fun exercise to repeat in the future. I like that this is a space where I get to voice my own thoughts, and I can see the potential in occasionally hosting other voices as well. I’m very fortunate to be friends with a number of WoW players whose views and role(s) in the community I find quite interesting and worth sharing.
The fact that I’m able to conduct interviews in a purely textual setting, on a relatively unknown blog also allows for a much more relaxed atmosphere- something that some people who might not feel comfortable in a larger, spotlight-esque situation can also appreciate. Finally, the fact that I’m likely to only approach people I’m personally acquainted with means that there’s no set pace or time constraints under which I’d need to operate.

So, tl;dr? Expect more interviews in the future. I make no guarantees about who, when and how, but expect them nonetheless!


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