Goodbye to WoW: On startling realisations and new affirmations

It is with regret that I announce my imminent departure from WoW and the gaming world forever.

I was struck by an epiphany at exactly 11:59 pm last night: I am set to complete my third legendary cloak on an alt this coming reset. While on one level I was impressed with my ability to dedicate myself to a mind-numbingly excruciating experience, on another level I was utterly horrified. Have I truly become so bored and disinterested with what the game has to offer that I turn to a gruelling, months-long questline on multiple toons instead of partaking in the joys of random Battlegrounds, Pet Battles or simply running my toons off cliffs for hours in a row?! Am I really prepared to continue this trend with fourth or even fifth cloaks for fresh alts, whilst Mists of Pandaria drags on till the end of summer?
No. No, this requires drastic action that I absolutely must take. Not even the promise of the Warlords of Draenor Beta tomorrow is enough to dissuade me.

Clearly, I have no choice but to go cold-turkey: I am quitting WoW and deleting all of my characters immediately. I do not make this decision lightly, but I still see a bright future ahead of all this madness. Therefore, I intend to fully repurpose this blog, Son of a Lich, #Acherus and any other theorycraft I may have contributed toward the community, all towards my newest hobby!
Join me, won’t you?


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