Beginnings: Welcome & Introduction


If you’ve stumbled across this corner of cyberspace chances are that you’re, at the very least, familiar with the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft (WoW). Within the WoW community, I’m known as Magdalena: An experienced Death Knight player and theorycrafter who leads the #Acherus IRC, a channel dedicated to the advancement of the WoW Death Knight community. I also raid (present hiatus excluded) with <Something Wicked>, an Alliance guild located on US-Whisperwind.

While I’m best known for my aforementioned work with a specific class, I wish to make something clear: This blog is not DK-centric. Anyone interested in my thoughts and posts about Death Knights would be best served by visiting my other blog: Son of A Lich (SoAL), owned and managed by web-designer extraordinaire (and fellow Death Knight), Heartless. Additionally, this blog will in no way impact my work on SoAL, which will always be my primary focus for matters concerning DKs and the the #Acherus community- if nothing else, I’d be a fool to toss aside the opportunity to be able to blog with an editor as amazing as Heartless!

I intend for this blog to serve as a space that encompasses my wider thought and opinions about games, online communities that I’m a member of, and even some real life topics that may have nothing to do with games! While WoW will still likely be its central focus, it will be in a much looser format than what readers might expect of me based on my posts on SoAL. Post frequency and length are also variable, and largely depend on how important I consider an issue to be worth talking about in a relatively unstructured format. It also bears mentioning: The thoughts and opinions expressed here are mine alone, and not representative of anyone else unless expressly stated.

I’ll conclude for now by preempting a question that I know would be otherwise asked: I’ve utilised “festerblight” in this blog’s web address because it’s not just a mark of the DK community which I’m a core member of, but is a phrase that I specifically coined for a playstyle that was concocted in #Acherus. As such, Festerblight serves as the perfect moniker that associates a blog with me- Death Knight related or not.

Until next time!


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